Smith Scientific

Caring for the environment

It could be argued that the glass industry is the home to recycling! As the material structure does not deteriorate when reprocessed, 100% of waste glass can be reclaimed and used in the manufacturing process. Every tonne of glass recycled saves 1.3 tonne of raw materials, saving the landscape and saving energy.

Smith Scientific is committed to preserving the environment we live in. We only work with manufacturers who share this commitment and are constantly striving to limit the impact our business has on the environment.

Going Green

Smith Scientific Ltd have made the commitment to be a completely carbon neutral business by the end of 2012. Amongst other initiatives, we have embraced the latest technology to provide enough electricity to power our office and warehouse as well as contributing energy back to the National Grid by way of our new Photo Voltaic solar panel installation.

We only buy recycled and/or recyclable cardboard and always insist on bio-degradable filler to protect our glassware. Any waste cardboard that enters our supply chain is shredded and used as protective packaging. All waste paper and ink cartridges produced during the day to day running of the business are also responsibly recycled. 


Ethically Sourced

Smith Scientific globally source product from the world’s largest suppliers of laboratory glassware. All our producers undergo a strict supplier audit to ensure that our standards are strictly adhered to. Any supplier that fails to satisfy our criteria for employee safety, product safety, working environment, wages and benefits will instantly be removed from our preferred list.