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The ultimate sports recovery
For Goodness Shakes Recovery is the UK’s #1 recovery sports drink. Helping you recover more quickly so your ready to continue training as soon as possible.
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For Goodness Shakes
Why Recovery?
Recovery is vital if you’re to perform at your full potential. Your body repairs and strengthens in the rest periods between training sessions, and continuous training, without proper nutrition, can cause overtraining, a decrease in performance and even injury.

Following exercise, your muscle glycogen (energy) stores will be low, and muscles damaged. Feeding your body with sufficient carbohydrates and protein is essential for refuelling and repairing your body so that you can come back to training fitter and stronger.
Why choose For Goodness Shakes®?
For Goodness Shakes Recovery is the UK’s #1 recovery sports drink, providing a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein formula. Delivering up to 52.3g of fast absorbing carb and up to 17.4g of whey and casein protein, FGS Recovery is the ideal post-workout sport supplement to restore muscle glycogen and promote protein synthesis for muscle growth and repair.

It also contains unique PROCOVERY® formula, a scientifically developed blend of vitamins and minerals to assist with energy metabolism, regeneration and immunity. Recover with For Goodness Shakes and Bring On Tomorrow.
For Goodness Shakes Range
For Goodness Shakes Ready to Drink
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Easy to use

For Goodness Shakes Recovery is sold in two forms, ready-to-drink (RTD) and powder, both of which we’ve ensured deliver maximum convenience.

The RTD is as it says, ideal for on-the-go consumption straight from 500g bottle.

The powder option is provided in either single serving rod-shaped sachet, designed for simple tearing and pouring straight into water bottle, and also in a 1.44kg tub which comes with free serving scoop for precision dosing.