At 4.30am Monday morning I dragged myself out of bed, hobbled downstairs and got on the transfer bus. I had an early flight back from Stockholm and the ITU like to make sure you get to the airport with time to spare.

No matter the result you always wake up the morning after a World Series race feeling like you have been attacked in your sleep. The cobbles of Stockholm seem to have made things worse today. Thankfully a 10th place finish has left me feeling all the pain was worthwhile. A hard race and a poor result always leaves you feeling the travelling home from a race is annoyingly long.

©Janos M Schmidt / ITU Media

Yesterday was an especially tough day too, I had one of those races where you feel you really did get everything out of yourself. In fact if the finish line had suddenly appeared 500 metres early I reckon I would still feel the same; it was a long slow slog up the uphill finish chute- very relieved to have had a small cushion over the nearest person.

The race was fast from the start and never really stopped. Its probably the most intense Olympic distance race I have ever competed in, everyone has been away training hard for the last month and it showed. A revised 10 laps of only 3.6k on the bike, involving a kilometre on the cobbles and a climb meant the bike was pretty furious. That was even with me in the second pack losing a good minute to the lead.

©Janos M Schmidt / ITU Media

So now the attention turns to London with like so many other GB triathletes- the biggest race of the year. Three weeks to rest, fine tune a few things and get ready for the Grand Final.