Protein Shakes

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Ok so you didn’t really think it was scientifically possible to squeeze 3kg of protein into a 500g bottle did you? Oh you did! We’re sorry. We might not have defied the laws of science this time, however what we have done is created arguably the best tasting, most convenient high protein shake available on the market today!

For Goodness Shakes Ready to Drink - PROTEIN
For Goodness Shakes Protein RTD is a 500g protein supplement that delivers 25g of natural whey and casein protein, rich in BCAA and Glutamine, every time just when you need it. High in protein, low in fat and with just 205.9kcal*, FGS Protein is ideal for building lean muscle and losing unwanted body fat. It offers the ultimate in convenience with no protein shaker required, this protein shake is ready-to-drink straight away with no fuss and no mess.

For Goodness Shakes have developed a unique vitamin and mineral blend – BIOProVM – to work synergistically with the 1:1 protein to carbohydrate formula, assisting protein and amino acid synthesis for lean muscle growth, boosting the immune system and improving energy metabolism.

For Goodness Shakes Protein is available in two delicious flavours: Chocolate and Strawberry. Order before midnight tonight and use the code APRIL1 to save 20% on your order. But hurry this offer ends at midnight!

* Please note strawberry flavour is 205.9kcal per 500g bottle, chocolate is 246.1kcal