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SPORTTAPE kinesiology tape is designed to mimic the skin, integrating the body’s sensory system to help you play harder and recover faster. After thousands of hours of research, SPORTTAPE has been created to offer unrivalled value for money and performance, and is used by some of the world’s best elite athletes.

How does it work?

» SPORTTAPE takes pressure off painful areas, reducing tension through weak or inflamed muscle tissue and tendons, reducing pain and further damage should the patient/athlete continue to stress the joint eg. at work, day-to-day activity, sporting activity etc.

» SPORTTAPE relaxes the muscle, thought to activate stretch receptors in the skin which feedback to activate muscle spindles within the muscle. This increases the activity and endurance of the muscle, and influences the control of muscle tension.

» SPORTTAPE promotes blood and lymphatic (recycled blood plasma) flow. When the tape is applied, the skin naturally wants to recoil, and as a result, the skin and fascia lifts to allow blood and lymph flow to increase, thought to speed up the healing and recovery process.

SPORTTAPE can be used to treat and prevent multiple injuries: Achilles tendonitis, Jumpers knee (PFS), Plantar fasciitis, Rotator cuff, ACL/MCL issues, Groin and hamstring pulls, Lower back issues, Tennis and golf elbow, Shin splints plus many more...


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