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For Goodness Shakes - Preferred Provider of Performance Nutrition Products to Sports Wales.

For Goodness Shakes has been selected as a preferred provider of performance nutrition products to Sports Wales. The partnership enables Sports Wales nutritionists to recommend the Sports Recovery brand to the elite athletes they support who are aiming for success on the world stage. The partnership programme was launched to make nutrition an integral part of training for the nation’s elite athletes and teams, offering a range of products which Sports Wales feel will benefit the training schedule of world class athletes.

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"For Goodness Shakes are delighted to extend our performance nutrition partnership to Sports Wales to support their athletes preparation and recovery for competing Internationally. We are confident that with the right nutrition post training and competition, athletes are able to train harder and reach their performance goals faster as they strive for success at major championships." 
- Alex Brooks, Marketing Director.

"For elite athletes completing frequent training sessions, recovery is an essential part of their preparation for their next session. Good nutritional strategies in the recovery period allow athletes to refuel, rebuild and rehydrate cells. Quality sports recovery products developed by our nutrition partners including For Goodness Shakes provide athletes with the range of nutrients to meet these goals in a convenient form that can be consumed immediately after their session."
Kathryn Brown, Performance Nutritionist.– Sports Wales